Edward II

by Christopher Marlowe
Direction: Ivo van Hove

German translation by Alfred Walter von Heymel
Edition by Bart van den Eynde

King Edward rejects both duty and work. He celebrates emotions and love. But in his brutally governed society, resistance springs up – political interests and alliances constantly shift. In this dark, lawless dystopia, love remains powerless.

Trailer »Edward II«

Direction: Ivo van Hove
Stage and light design: Jan Versweyveld
Costume design: An d'Huys
Music: Erich Sleichim
Video: Tal Yarden
Dramaturgy: Bart van den Eynde, Maja Zade

King Edward II: Stefan Stern
Gaveston: Christoph Gawenda
Queen Isabella: Kay Bartholomäus Schulze
Prince Edward: Bernardo Arias Porras
Kent: David Ruland
Lancaster: Sebastian Nakajew
Mortimer: Paul Herwig
Spencer: Moritz Gottwald
Leicester: Urs Jucker

Duration: ca. 110 minutes

Premiered on 17 December 2011


Trailer »Edward II«