El Hotel

by Teatro la María
Text: Alexis Moreno
Direction: Alexis Moreno and Alexandra von Hummel (Santiago de Chile)

Guest performance during FIND 2018

An Alzheimer’s clinic in Antarctica. A group of former military men, torturers and beneficiaries of the Pinochet dictatorship – including an ex-stripper who danced for the ruling elite – cheerfully celebrate being cared for in their dotage as the tax-payer picks up the tab. They are happy to share their nostalgia for their time in power and their former connections to the economic elites and Catholic clergy. However, when it comes to their own criminal acts, the occupants of this »Hotel« always experience a timely onset of dementia. A reference to this illness successfully absolves them of all responsibility: »You cannot be judged for a crime you can no longer remember.«

With the farce »El Hotel«, the Teatro La María theatre collective from Chile is appearing in Germany for the first time. In their work the group consistently focus on the blind-spots in presentday Chile a quarter of a century after the dictatorship and on the mechanisms of repression propagated by the military and their followers – a repression which society often unquestioningly accepts.

Alexandra von Hummel und Alexis Moreno, the directors of the ensemble, founded Teatro La María in 2000. They have collaborated with other artists several times and produced plays such as »La Tercera Obra« and »Persiguiendo a Nora Helmer«.

Set, Costume and Lighting Design: Rodrigo Ruiz

With: Alexandra von Hummel, Tamara Acosta, Alexis Moreno, Elvis Fuentes, Manuel Peña, Rodrigo Soto

Duration: ca. 75 minutes