10/26/2021, 20.00 – 21.20


by Milo Rau and Ursina Lardi
Director: Milo Rau
World Premiere

What remains, what counts at the end of our lives?  In »Everywoman«, a successful  actress meets a woman who has been diagnosed with a lethal disease, whose last wish it is to perform one last time in a play. Starting with the allegorical morality play »Jedermann« about a righteous lifestyle and redemption through faith, an intimate conversation about the past and future ensues — about life, death, loneliness and  community.

After »Mitleid. Die  Geschichte  des  Maschinengewehrs«  (»Compassion.  The  history  of  the  machine gun«), for which Milo Rau and Ursina Lardi travelled  to  the  Congo  together,  and  the  production  »LENIN«,  in  which  they  used  the  last  weeks in the life of the Russian revolutionary for an intense examination of the utopias of the 20th century,  Milo  Rau  and  Ursina  Lardi  have  undertaken  philosophical  and  existential  research  for  »Everywoman«. What is death? Why this ultimate test —   all  alone?  Why  is  there  »nothing  new  to  say about death«, as the play claims? And what might constitute a humane, an artistic answer to the scandalous fact of our common mortality?



Authors: Milo Rau / Ursina Lardi
Director: Milo Rau
Stage and Costume Designer: Anton Lukas
Costume Design Support: Ottavia Castelotti
Video: Moritz von Dungern
Sound: Jens Baudisch
Dramaturgs: Carmen Hornbostel, Christian Tschirner
Research: Carmen Hornbostel
Lighting Designer: Erich Schneider

Mit: Ursina Lardi, Helga Bedau (Video)
Statistiks: Georg Arms, Irina Arms, Jochen Arms, Julia Bürki, Keziah Bürki, Samuel Bürki, Achim Heinecke, Lisa Heinecke (Video)

Duration: ca. 80 minutes

Premiered on 19 August 2020 at Salzburger Festspiele, Premiered in Berlin on 15 Oktober 2020

Tour Dates

Milano (October 2021)
Paris (Oktober 2022)
Sarreguemines (May 2023)
Almada (July 2023)

Co-production with Salzburg Festival