Film: The Confessional

by Robert Lepage
Director: Robert Lepage
Eva Lichtspiele

Robert Lepage, our Artist in Focus at this year's FIND, is not only a theatre maker but also a multi-award-winning film director. In our film matinee at the art house cinema Eva Lichtspiele we will show »The Confessional«, his celebrated cinema debut from 1995. In this film Lepage combines a story by Alfred Hitchcock, who shot a key scene of his 1952 film »I Confess« in Catholic Québec, with a family tragedy: the successful Pierre and his disoriented adoptive brother Marc are brought back together by the death of their father. Marc has never known who his biological father was and feels lost and rootless. Together they embark on a search and come across a dark secret in their family that has to do with a priest who does not break his vow of silence, illegitimate pregnancy, the suicide of a 16-year-old girl and Alfred Hitchcock's filming of »I Confess«. Lepage masterfully weaves two time levels, Hitchcock's film and the myth of Oedipus into a very personal family story.

The »Artist in Focus: Robert Lepage« program is supported by the Embassy of Canada and the Québec Government Office in Berlin. 

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