2666Photo: Gianmarco Bresadola, 2014
2666, Photo: Gianmarco Bresadola, 2014 
MEATPhoto: Matt Lambert, 2014
MEAT, Photo: Matt Lambert, 2014 
MEATPhoto: Matt Lambert, 2014
MEAT, Photo: Matt Lambert, 2014 
IdiotenPhoto: Alex Yoku, 2014
Idioten, Photo: Alex Yoku, 2014 
DaisyPhoto: Christian Berthelot, 2014
Daisy, Photo: Christian Berthelot, 2014 
Todo el cielo sobre la tierra (El síndrome de Wendy)Photo: Ricardo Carrillode Albornoz, 2014
Todo el cielo sobre la tierra (El síndrome de Wendy), Photo: Ricardo Carrillode Albornoz, 2014 
Tratando de hacer una obra que cambie el mundo
Tratando de hacer una obra que cambie el mundo 
Derretiré con un cerillo la nieve de un volcánPhoto: Francisco Barreiro, 2014
Derretiré con un cerillo la nieve de un volcán, Photo: Francisco Barreiro, 2014 
33 RPM and a few Seconds
33 RPM and a few Seconds 

F.I.N.D. 2014

Festival of International New Drama 
3 to 13 April 2014

With the 14th Festival of International New Drama the Schaubühne presents eleven days of new productions and texts by dramatists from around the world. This year’s F.I.N.D. focuses on the interface between private life, art and political responsibility. The invited artists pose questions about the extent of political responsibility in their art and whether it has the power to change anything. A special focus lies on the Spanish-speaking countries, where current social movements and conflicts mean that the meeting of the political and the private is especially visible – both in real life and on stage.

The festival opens with the German language premiere of the stage adaptation of Roberto Bolaño’s cult novel »2666«. In his 2003 work the author creates a worldwide pandemonium of terror between Europe’s metropolises, Nazi-era Germany, the USA and Latin America. At the centre is the Mexican city Santa Teresa at the US border: the town with the world’s highest murder rate and the eye of the storm on a planet undergoing frenetic globalisation.

In »Daisy« the Spanish writer and director Rodrigo García sends his two protagonists to do battle with the banality of everyday life, the emptiness of high Western civilisation and the absurdity of existence. In »Todo el cielo sobre la tierra (The Wendy Syndrome)« Spanish writer and performer Angélica Liddell explores, together with stuffed alligators and Chinese street-waltzers, the fear and ensuing pain of being left. In his stage adaptation of Lars von Trier’s film »Idiots« Kirill Serebrennikov transfers the action to present-day Moscow and depicts a group of outsiders protesting against the constraints of contemporary Russian society.

Lebanese theatre-makers and artists Lina Saneh and Rabih Mroué are showing a production at the Schaubühne for the first time: »33 RPM and a few Seconds« is an analysis of the consequences of the Arab Spring in Lebanon. Chile’s Teatro La Re-sentida and the Lagartijas tiradas al sol collective from Mexico are also appearing at the Schaubühne as they grapple in contrasting ways with the forms and possibilities of political theatre. Mina Salehpour, winner of the 2013 FAUST Award for Best Director of Children’s and Youth Theatre, is directing »This Grave is Too Small for Me« by Serbian playwright Biljana Srbljanović: a piece about young people who assassinate Franz Ferdinand and consequently bring about the First World War.

Swiss theatre-maker Milo Rau will be presenting excerpts from his new work »The Civil Wars« and discussing documentary and political theatre in a studio talk. With a documentary film, talk and hip-hop concert we will also be commemorating the Palestinian theatre-maker Juliano Mer-Khamis who was murdered three years ago and participated in F.I.N.D. in 2008.

In the Schaubühne Studio Swedish theatre-maker Thomas Bo Nilsson (previously part of the SIGNA performance group) is showing a 240 hour-long, large-scale walk-in installation in which the visitor can experience rooms and characters inspired by the Canadian porn star and suspected cannibal and murderer Luka Magnotta.

This year the festival is hosting an English language blog for the first time: at www.find-blog.de the Canadian writer, historian and Berlin-expert Dr Joseph Pearson (www.needleberlin.com) will be blogging on each of the plays presented in F.I.N.D. – including interviews, portraits of the directors and writers and background information on the productions.

In 2014, the »F.I.N.D.plus« workshop programme takes place for the fourth time. It brings together acting, directing and dramaturgy students from Germany, France and a new third country each year. The participants will meet the festival´s theatre makers and attend masterclasses with renowned directors. This year we are welcoming students from Rennes, Strasbourg, Lyon, Berlin and Zagreb. The students from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb are here for the first time. After hosting students from Russia, Palestine, Poland and Hungary at the past »F.I.N.D. plus« programmes, the Schaubühne will once again be an exciting meeting place for young theatre makers.


Premiere/German Language Premiere
by Roberto Bolaño
Direction: Àlex Rigola
German with English surtitles
On 3 and 7 April at 19.00 h and on 6 April at 17.00 h

Premiere/Workshop Production (Serbia/Germany)
»Dieses Grab ist mir zu klein«
This Grave is too small for me
Text: Biljana Srbljanović
Direction: Mina Salehpour
German with English surtitles
On 6 April at 21.30 h and on 13 April at 20.00 h

Premiere/240 hours Performance-Installation (Sweden)
by Thomas Bo Nilsson
German and English
From 3 to 13 April at the Studio

Guest Production of the Compagnie Rodrigo García (Spain) and Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy (France)
by Rodrigo García
Direction and Set Design: Rodrigo García
Spanish with German and English surtitles
On 4 and 5 April at 20.00 h

Guest Production of the Atra Bilis Teatro (Spain)
»Todo el cielo sobre la tierra (El síndrome de Wendy)«
All the Sky above the Earth (The Wendy Syndrome)
by Angélica Liddell
Text, Direction, Set Design and Costume Design: Angélica Liddell
Spanish, Mandarin and Norwegian with german and english surtitles
On 9 and 10 April at 20.00 h

Guest Production of the Gogol Center (Russia)
by Lars von Trier
Direction: Kirill Serebrennikov
Russian with German and English surtitles
On 11 and 12 April at 19.30 h

Guest Production from the Lebanon
»33 RPM and a few Seconds«
by Rabih Mroué and Lina Saneh
Direction: Rabih Mroué, Lina Saneh
French/English/Arabic with German surtitles
On 4 April at 19.30 (FR) and 21.30 h (EN) and on 5 April at 16.00 h (AR)

Guest Production from Mexico
»Derretiré con un cerillo la nieve de un volcán«
by Lagartijas tiradas al sol
Text and Coordination: Luisa Pardo and Gabino Rodríguez
Spanish with German and English surtitles
On 8 and 9 April at 20.30 h

Guest Production from Chile
»Tratando de hacer una obra que cambie el mundo«
by La Re-sentida
Direction: Marco Layera
Spanish with German and English surtitles
On 11 April at 22.30 h and on 12 April on 18.00 h

Remembering Juliano Mer-Khamis
by Batoul Taleb, Mariam Abu Khaled, Udi Aloni
Followed by post-show discussion with Thomas Ostermeier and Udi Aloni (director)
Film in Arabic, English and Hebrew with English surtitles, talk in English
On 5 April at 19.00 h
Concert of the Palestinian Hip-Hop formation DAM
Afterwards party with DJ Aral and DJ Phil Stumpf
On 5 April from 22.30 h

Authors Club
Wengenroth’s Writers’ Club: Third Edition – Roberto Bolaño
by and with Patrick Wengenroth and his guests
Music: Matze Kloppe
On 4 April at 23.00 h

Studio Talk Milo Rau
with Florian Borchmeyer
On 12 April at 16.00 h

by Duncan Macmillan
Direction: Katie Mitchell
German with English surtitles
On 13 April at 18.00 h

Festival party
Autistic Disco – Pop is pop and art is art
Party with DJ Lars Eidinger (Fix & Foxi  C’burg/STUD!O K7) and a live concert by h e r m a n - small club
On 12 April from 23.00 h

Within the context of F.I.N.D. we would like to present the following event:
Der Goldene Drache
by Roland Schimmelpfennig
Direction: Margarete Schuler
On 3 April at 20.00 h and on 4 April at 18.00 h and 20.30 at bat Studiotheater (Belforter Straße 15, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg)
More information: www.bat-berlin.de

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