F.I.N.D. 2015

Festival of International New Drama
17 to 26 April 2015

For several days this spring, as has been the case for the last 14 years, the Schaubühne’s entire theatre operation is once again dedicated to new plays by contemporary writers from across the globe. The festival has repeatedly reinvented itself to achieve its goal of presenting our audience with first-time experiences of new productions, texts and performances by internationally renowned theatre makers. This year we are inviting you to ten days of new theatre from Argentina, Belgium, Chile, France/Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, Switzerland and the USA as well as a world premiere from the Schaubühne itself. It is the first time all these productions are being shown in Berlin.

The invited productions assess the current political and social state of the world via the means of theatre. They focus upon the American middle-class, jihadism, the plight of refugees, the dubious practices of Western intelligence agencies, the overthrow of dictatorships and questions about alternative possibilities of participation in political decision making. They use the stage to gauge the relationship of the individual to world affairs and investigate how history can suddenly burst into private lives.

The invited theatre-makers utilise the possibilities of theatre to depict and scrutinise social realities in highly contrasting ways. Ranging from documentary theatre to satirically exaggerated comedy, from lecture performance to realism playing out in real-time, all the productions explore to what extent the individual feels a sense of connection to a greater political whole and where the fault-lines run between people and the system.  

We would also like to welcome the theatre students of the »F.I.N.D. plus« workshop programme. With students from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Tunisia, this year’s workshop programme is bigger and more international than ever before.

Joseph Pearson, who accompanied F.I.N.D. in 2014 with our festival blog, has regularly been writing essays on selected premieres from this season since the start of this year. Pearson’s Preview is published on our website in the »Theory« section. And for this year’s F.I.N.D. he will again be providing you with background information and personal impressions from the festival’s international productions in his English-language essays.

And of course, parties, encounters and discussions on and beside the stage also form part of these ten special days.

We would like to give special thanks to Lottostiftung Berlin without whom F.I.N.D. 2015 would not be possible in its current form.

F.I.N.D. plus

In 2015 the ten-day »F.I.N.D. plus« workshop programme takes place for the fifth time. The programme brings together acting, directing and dramaturgy students from Germany, France and a third partner country which changes each year, and which this year is Tunisia. The students meet the theatre-makers invited to the festival, accompany the festival programme, get to know one another and colla borate in master-classes. And, for the first time, students from the PROSPERO European theatre network, of which the Schaubühne is a founding member, are also invited. So this year we are welcoming students from Berlin, Gothenburg, Liège, Modena, Paris, Rennes and Tunis. In previous years students from Russia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland and Palestine participated in this extraordinary and exciting gathering of young theatre-makers. 

Programm Overview

Friday 17.4.
19.00 > Amazon Beaming: Work in Progress
20.00 > Some Use for your broken Clay Pots
21.00–23.15 > The Civil Wars

Saturday 18.4.
18.00 > Amazon Beaming: Work in Progress
20.00–22.15 > The Civil Wars
20.30–21.30 > Saddam Hussein – A Mystery Play

Sunday 19.4.
12.00 > Streitraum »The Civil Wars«
15.00 > Amazon Beaming: Work in Progress
18.00–20.15 > The Civil Wars
20.30–21.30 > Saddam Hussein – A Mystery Play

Tuesday 21.4.
19.30–21.30 > Spam
20.00–22.00 > Sœurs

Wednesday 22.4.
19.30–21.30 > Spam
20.00–22.00 > Sœurs

Thursday 23.4.
19.00–20.30 > The Apple Family Plays 1: That Hopey Changey Thing
21.00–22.15 > Nadia/Kabul/Barcelona
21.30–23.15 > The Apple Family Plays 2: Sweet and Sad

Friday 24.4.
19.00–20.45 > The Apple Family Plays 3: Sorry
21.00–22.15 > Nadia/Kabul/Barcelona
21.30–23.15 > The Apple Family Plays 4: Regular Singing

Saturday 25.4.
14.00–18.00 > Introductory Workshop to New Drama (in English)
17.00 + 22.00 > Hochwertige Ziele
19.30 > Premiere: Stück Plastik
20.00–21.30 > La imaginación del futuro

Sunday 26.4.
12.00–13.30 > The Apple Family Plays 1: That Hopey Changey Thing
14.15–16.00 > The Apple Family Plays 2: Sweet and Sad
18.00–19.45 > The Apple Family Plays 3: Sorry
20.30–22.15 > The Apple Family Plays 4: Regular Singing
14.00 + 18.30 > Hochwertige Ziele
16.00 > Stück Plastik
16.15–17.45 > La imaginación del futuro

F.I.N.D. is funded by the Lottostiftung Berlin.


Supported by the Institut français, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Franco-German Youth office (FGYO), the European theatre network PROSPERO, the Allianz Kulturstiftung, the Goethe Institut as part of the German-Arab Transformation Partnership (supported by the German Department for Foreign Affairs) and the Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique (Paris).



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