F.I.N.D. 5

5th Festival of International New Drama
March 16th - 20th, 2005

The fifth Festival of International New Drama (F.I.N.D.) has two focuses: the plays of Sarah Kane and new plays from home and abroad.
The premiere of Sarah Kane’s »Blasted» is the starting point for this year’s F.I.N.D. During the festival, we will be the first theatre to show all of Sarah Kane’s plays: »Blasted«, »Phaedra’s Love«, »Crave«, »Cleansed» and »4.48 Psychosis«. There will be talks and discussion groups parallel to the performances.
In addition, we will consider how our world has altered during the last four years, and what is meant by the concepts utopia and apocalypse today. We will commission five authors from countries including America, Israel, Russia and Germany to write plays around this theme, and we will be showing other new plays in staged readings and guest performances.
As at F.I.N.D. 4, the winners of the 3rd playwriting competition at the Schaubühne will also be introduced in a staged reading.