For the Disconnected Child

Text, Direction and Choreography: Falk Richter
Composition by Malte Beckenbach, Achim Bornhoeft, Oliver Sascha Frick, Helgi Hrafn Jónsson, Jan Kopp, Jörg Mainka, Oliver Prechtl
Conductor: Wolfram-Maria Märtig

World Premiere
Co-production with the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater

Falk Richter’s new project examines the human desire for connection, the quest for encounter and the yearning for fulfillment in a cosmos of increasingly fleeting concepts of lifestyles, relationships and society. In »For the Disconnected Child« individuals search for meaning, fulfillment, the next kick, connection with one another – they encounter each other, they lose each other and they find each other. For the first time, actors of the Schaubühne team up with dancers and singers and musicians of the Berlin Staatsoper to create a series of scenic compositions, album-like tracks where text intersects with new music, drama meets musical theatre and singing encounters choreography. In collaboration with Icelandic singer-songwriter, Helgi Hrafn Jónsson, Falk Richter creates this album of scenic tracks – joined by seven young composers of new music who respond to the material, arrange and re-compose it; the stage becomes a testing ground on which the relationships between dancers, singers, musicians and actors are constantly re-negotiated, re-connected and released.


Duration: ca. 150 minutes

(with interval)

Premiered on 14 June 2013