Miss Julie

after August Strindberg
Direction: Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner

In a version by Katie Mitchell
German translation by Maja Zade

Strindberg’s classic tragedy tells how the aristocratic Julie encounters the servant Jean in the kitchen of the manor. Jean’s fiancée, Kristin also comes and goes and eventually falls asleep in the kitchen where Jean and Julie continue to flirt with one another, uninhibited by her presence. In the early hours of the long summernight Julie accompanies Jean to his room and sleeps with him. But after the night of passion the roles are reversed: Jean is now the stronger one, and Julie the humiliated. Jean convinces Julie to steal money from her father and to elope with him. Finally he gives Julie his razor and convinces her that the only way for her to escape her predicament is to commit suicide.

Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner re-imagine Strindberg’s classic text through the eyes of the cook, Kristin. As Julie and Jean’s pursuit of one another escalates, the production uses realtime film and live sound effects to track the events from his fiancée, Kristin’s perspective.

Katie Mitchell was director in residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1996-1998 and at The Royal Court from 2000-2004. She has been an associate of the Royal National Theatre, London since 1994, where her productions include interpretations of »The Idiot« by Dostoevsky and Woolf's »The Waves« and Bruckner's »Pains Of Youth«. Mitchell also works as a director of opera and has worked at the Royal Opera House, Copenhagen, at the British National Opera and at the Salzburg Festival. In the season 2008/2009 Mitchell directed »Wunschkonzert« by Franz Xaver Kroetz at the Schauspiel Köln which was invited to the 2009 Berlin Theatertreffen. »Miss Julie« is her first production in Berlin.

Author: August Strindberg
Direction: Katie Mitchell, Leo Warner
Stage and costume design: Alex Eales
Light design: Philip Gladwell
Soudn design: Gareth Fry, Adrienne Quartly
Music: Paul Clark
Dramaturgy: Maja Zade

Kristin: Jule Böwe
Jean: Tilman Strauß
Julie: Luise Wolfram
Kristin Double: Cathlen Gawlich
Krstin Hands: Lisa Guth, Luise Wolfram
Camera: Andreas Hartmann / Stefan Kessissoglou, Krzysztof Honowski
Sounds: Lisa Guth, Maria Ueberschaer
Additional video recordings, sounds and voice-over: Ensemble
Violoncello: Chloe Miller / Gabriella Strümpel

Duration: ca. 75 minutes

(without interval)

Premiered on 25 Steptember 2010

Tour Dates

Paris (March 2012)
Athen (June 2012)
Stockholm (June 2012)
Avignon (July 2012)
Zagreb (September 2012)
Moskau (December 2012)
Paris (March 2013)
London (April/May 2013)
Rennes (November 2013)
Reims (December 2013)
Tianjin (April 2014)
Beijing (April/May 2014)
São Paulo (March 2015)
Almada (July 2015)