Guest production: manmaRo project – The Bees' Road

A project by Khalifa Natour and Ofira Henig
Direction: Ofira Henig

Director Ofira Henig, whose work has already appeared at FIND with her production of »In Spitting Distance« with actor Khalifa Natour in 2008 and with the workshop presentation of »Both upon a Time« in 2011, now returns with the »manmaRo project«, which she had presented a a work in progress earliere this year during FIND. It is an attempt to describe the long voyage of those who, on their search for a place to survive, have arrived in Europe. The landscapes which these people have travelled through are particularly given a voice: the animals and trees which have involuntarily and unconsciously borne witness to their journeys. These otherwise mute observers speak out and open our eyes to stories of flight and displacement. 

Duration: ca. 75 minutes