Concert and Reading by and with Nicolas Stemann, Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel
as well as Claudia Lehmann
and guests

»Gefahr-Bar™« is the name of Nicolas Stemann’s theatre and music trio which set out to react with collective counter-logic to the impertinences of the world. Something new and different every time – from texts and songs to campaigns to protect the right to endanger things. Downright hilarious. Sweeten your evening! Listen to songs! Win poems! Encounter people from all sorts of countries and occupations (e. g., a theatre doctor). Where? In the »Gefahr-Bar™« – a location for enlightenment and explanation.

A Co-production with the Schauspiel Leipzig.

Light design: Erich Schneider
Cast: Nicolas Stemann, Claudia Lehmann, Thomas Kürstner

Premiered on 22 December 2012