The Polyrealists’ Start-up Project
Direction: Wiebke Nonne

The HappyEndings start-up has taken it upon itself to help people make their dreams come true: Tanja wants to fight in an amateur boxing match; Nesrin is searching for real friends; and Stefan wants to have sex with a man. In a first attempt they and others face up to the problems and opposition they encounter on the road to fulfilling their dreams and are supported by coaches. Candidates, coaches and the start-up’s founders do everything to establish the project as a going concern. For HappyEndings to continue existing as a business concept, it needs patrons who believe that still more people should be given the chance to realise their dreams.

Direction: Wiebke Nonne
Artistic Collaboration: Philipp Rost, Justus Griesenberg
Set Design: Charlotte Spichalsky
Costume Design: Arianna Fantin
Dramaturgy: Giulia Baldelli
Lighting Design: Lutz Gruhlke

Premiered on 27 June 2015