An evening by and with Mark Waschke

So where is the border between me and the world? When I feel the world in me, and see myself in the world, do I also feel the border, the separation, or are these tiny loopholes also part of the whole, of which I also think I sense I am a part? When I perform and feel myself performing, watch myself perform and reflect on the transformation, does that transformation actually take place? If it takes place within the reflection, is it not part of the reflection rather than the transformation? Is a theatre with stories all that is required? Or should we destroy the stories by telling them differently or by no longer telling them at all? But theatre must exist! Or not. But all this isn’t necessary at all. Can you believe this when I say it? Can you believe it when you say it yourself? Do you really believe that? What does this mean, really? Is it still real? And how do I represent this reality? How, in turn, do I represent myself? It’s about the relationship with the world, with the others, it’s actually about relationships. But who are the others? Am I not the other? Does the border actually run between above and below or between the I and the other, am I a pipe? This is not a sign. How am I supposed to read it? Do you understand what I mean? Do I understand what I mean? Do I still understand myself? Can you do that again in such a way that I believe it? Just play it in a way that you believe yourself. It’s not a question of faith. Lots of questions. Can theatre not also sometimes provide an answer? Is that actually still theatre? Do we really always have to define precisely what we are doing? Do we actually always want to know precisely what we’re doing? When we think about what we’re doing while we’re doing it, can we then really still just do it without hesitation? Perhaps we should simply act like we are doing it. I you he she it. We you they.

Mark Waschke recites some texts, sings songs and most exercises his psychophysical presence.

Duration: ca. 105 minutes