11/07/2022, 20.00

Reading and discussion: »If This is a Man – Against forgetting«

by and with Carolin Emcke, Lena Gorelik and Maryam Zaree
Moderation: Thomas Krüger
Stage B

There is an official policy of remembrance that recalls the crimes of National Socialism in Germany, there is the admonishing »Never again« - but it becomes increasingly ritualized, lacking concrete knowledge, a dense description, real voices that could convey what the Shoah meant to its victims. Auschwitz threatens to become a mere cipher, without understanding of its mechanisms of exclusion, dehumanization, extermination. As a consequence, neither the continuities nor the discontinuities with today's forms of racism and anti-Semitism can become apparent. In contrast, this evening of texts by survivors aims to show the diversity of voices and perspectives of those who experienced and described the horrors of the camps. Their accounts are addressed to those born afterwards, they tell of the violence and the ordeal, but also of resistance, friendship and the ethics of remembering. With texts by Primo Levi, Jean Améry, Ruth Klüger, Charlotte Delbo, Imre Kertesz, Jorge Semprún and many others.