Photo: Jeremy Abrahams, 2016
Photo: Jeremy Abrahams, 2016 
Photo: Jeremy Abrahams, 2016
Photo: Jeremy Abrahams, 2016 


by Dead Centre (Ireland)
with Cameo playwright Mark O’Halloran
Direction: Ben Kidd, Bush Moukarzel

Guest performance during FIND 2016

In »LIPPY« a lip-reader talks about the fascination of his work and, eventually, about a puzzling suicide which has preoccupied the Irish public for a long time and which he was asked to help solve back in the year 2000: four women, an aunt and her grown-up nieces, decide to take their own lives in the Irish town of Leixlip. They barricade themselves into their house and starve themselves to death. No one knows why. There are no clues. They have left no traces behind. Shortly before the group suicide, two of the four women are captured on CCTV. The lip-reader tries to reconstruct their conversation and, in this way, attempts to gain a vague insight into their last days and hours. He puts words in their mouths which they perhaps never said. And then suddenly we become witnesses to this extraordinary tragedy and the meticulous preparation of their act

Dead Centre
Founded by Bush Moukarzel and Ben Kidd in Dublin in 2012. Their first project »Souvenir« was created for the Dublin Fringe in 2012. Guest performances at The Yard in London in April 2013 and in New York in November 2013. The second project »(S) quark!« was presented once on Bloomsday in Dublin and then toured in July 2013 to Russia. »LIPPY« premiered in September 2013 in Dublin. Until now, the play travelled to New York, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Young Vic in London. Their most recent play »Chekov’s first play« premiered in October 2015.

>>> Essay about the production in Pearson's Preview: Unfinished Plays for Unfinished People: Dead Centre in Berlin

Duration: ca. 80 minutes

Developed at the National Theatre Studio, London and presented originally in the Dublin Fringe Festival. This tour is made possible by the support of Culture Ireland.