11/27/2021, 20.00 – 22.10


by Maja Zade
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier
World Premiere
Stage A

A holiday home in Greece: Christina, owner of a chemical company, and her much younger lover and employee Michael are enjoying some time off in the sun before the birth of their first child. The morning begins like any other: Christina makes herself a smoothie while Michael goes jogging. But then Christina’s brother Robert arrives at the villa in order to confront Michael, who has secretly ordered an investigation into an accident – an accident involving one of the company’s lorries tipping over and possibly leaking pesticide into a lake. A violent argument breaks out and gets even worse when Christina’s best friend Theresa arrives with further bad news. During the course
of the day the company’s future starts to look increasingly bleak, while at the same time shocking family secrets are revealed. In the evening, Christina and Michael are left looking at the broken shards of their happiness: a day that had started out happy and normal ends in tragedy.

»ödipus« uses the antique myth in order to explore how a life can change completely from one second to the next. What happens when what we always thought was the truth suddenly reveals itself to be a lie? When everything you had always believed in was made up? When a life that seemed secure and full of privilege is suddenly blown to pieces?

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Direction: Thomas Ostermeier
Stage Design: Jan Pappelbaum
Costume Design: Angelika Götz
Music: Sylvain Jacques
Video: Matthias Schellenberg / Thilo Schmidt
Dramaturgy: Maja Zade
Lighting Design: Erich Schneider

Christina: Caroline Peters
Robert: Christian Tschirner
Michael: Renato Schuch
Theresa: Isabelle Redfern

Duration: ca. 130 minutes

Premiered on September 19, 2021

Tour Dates

Epidaurus (2021)

Coproduction with Athens Epidaurus Festival