05/11/2021, 18.00 – 05/14/2021, 18.00

In Spanish with English subtitles

Paisajes para no colorear

(Santiago de Chile)
by Teatro La Re-Sentida
Direction: Marco Layera

Guest performance during FIND 2019

Lisette Villa was 11 years old when she died from asphyxiation in a correctional facility after a 90 kg female supervisor pinned her to the floor and sat on her chest for several minutes – allegedly to »calm« her. Tania Águila died at 14 when, in a fit of anger, her boyfriend bashed her head in with a rock. Florencia Aguirre was 10 when her stepfather suffocated her with a plastic bag, burnt her body and buried her in the woodshed at their home. Just three examples of gender-based violence from Chile which remained untold because the victims were silenced by death and those who survived them had little interest in bringing their stories to public attention. Thus, the victims were virtually buried a second time in the collective imagination.

In »Paisajes para no colorear« nine teenagers between 13 and 17, none of whom are trained actors, take to the stage to portray reality: to report, comment and play out in real-life situations the things they are confronted with on a daily basis as women in contemporary Chile. They draw on their own stories and on those from around 140 other girls and young women documented by a team of Teatro La Re-Sentida during interviews and castings for the performance: a type of empirical field research which the collective and the selected performers have dramatised and shaped into the play’s text. These are also the stories of all those who can no longer bear witness, because the structures of power depicted in the play led to their deaths. The production has set itself the task of bringing to light cases which were kept secret or covered up by society, and to re-enact them in scenes based on the performers’ own experiences or reconstructed from criminal investigations. At the same time, their actual circumstances are reviewed and questioned, and thus the underlying phenomena that shape an entire society are exposed: macho violence, sexual assault, structures of patriarchal oppression, gender-based bullying and social ostracism.

Marco Layera (*1978, Santiago de Chile) is an actor, director and acting teacher. In 2008 he founded the group La Re-Sentida. His works »Tratando de hacer una obra que cambie el mundo« and »La imaginación del futuro« have been shown at previous editions of FIND. His production, »Paisajes para no colorear«, premiered in Santiago de Chile in late 2018 and was presented at the FIND in Europe for the first time.

Direction: Marco Layera
Set and Lighting Design: Pablo de la Fuente
Costume Design: Daniel Bagnara
Music: Tomas Gonzalez
Dramaturgic Collaboration: Anita Fuentes, Francisca Ortiz

With: Ignacia Atenas, Sara Becker, Paula Castro, Daniela López, Angelina Miglietta, Matilde Morgado, Constanza Poloni, Rafaela Ramírez, Arwen Vásquez


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Duration: ca. 90 minutes

Production: Centre Gabriela Mistral (GAM)
Co-production: Teatro La Re-Sentida


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