Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

by Kevin Armento
German translation by Theresa Schlesinger
Direction: Christoph Buchegger

Workshop presentation during FIND 2017

Red McCray is a typical high school student in a Californian nowheresville. Lone wolf, class clown and child of divorced parents with only a single friend: his mobile phone. When one day this is confiscated in a maths lesson, a more intimate bond suddenly develops between Red and his teacher. After inadvertently pocketing the phone, she trawls through his photo album and, once she has returned it, begins to send him messages. With each photo and text, she causes the teenager’s facade to crumble a little more, initiating a relationship which poses an unsolvable equation for the two. The narrator and witness of this doomed affair is Red’s mobile which allows us to share in the personal texts as well as the fluctuating emotions of the characters and the tragedy that is inexorably unfolding. At a rapid pace, American writer Kevin Armento tells of the illusory nature of electronic connections and the dangers of isolation in the time of digital love.

Duration: ca. 60 minutes