04/02/2017, 12.00

In English

Panel discussion: »Democracy and Tragedy«

With Richard Nelson, Thomas Ostermeier and Anne-Cécile Vandalem
Moderator: Joseph Pearson

Nothing less than the fate of Europe’s democratic processes, its critical media and free artistic expression is at stake in the 2017 elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany. Western democracies are in a crisis. Division increasingly supplants commonalities, market-serving decisions supersede the democratic processes of finding common ground, the effects and refugee movements caused by global wars and conflicts are increasingly felt, borders are being closed, nationalism and right-wing populist movements are gaining in strength.

What can we do? What role can theatre take to offer a response to these symptoms of crisis and decay, and to create narratives and images of justice and equality? What visions do we require? This is a debate about our political and social concepts of community and coexistence, and the purpose of art within this context.