Panel Talk: Reinventing Theatre
The Wooster Group

With Elizabeth LeCompte, Kate Valk and members of The Wooster Group
Moderation: Florian Borchmeyer

Stage B

04/29/2023, 13.00
In English with German simultaneous translation

Impressed by The Wooster Group’s productions, the director Peter Sellars predicted almost three decades ago: »They are inventing theatrical vocabulary that ten and 20 years from now will become the lingua franca of a revivified American Theater. They are the most important theater company in our country today.« What sounded like an almost frighteningly grandiose vision back then is actually too modest from today’s perspective. This new stage vocabulary, developed by Elizabeth LeCompte and her company from the 1970s onward, has long since become an integral part of the worldwide theatre language, far beyond the borders of America and also far beyond those of »post-dramatic« and »deconstructive« theatre aesthetics. As the Artist in Focus of the FIND 2023, Elizabeth LeCompte and The Wooster Group ensemble will provide an insight into their artistic workshop in a panel discussion which will delve into the history of the group since its very beginnings and founding in the longsince legendary »Performing Garage«, their rehearsing and acting techniques and collaboration as an ensemble as well as their understanding of contemporary theatre and its perspectives.