Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare
Direction: Lars Eidinger

German translation by Thomas Brasch

After Schiller’s »The Robbers«, Lars Eidinger returns in his role as director for the Schaubühne’s new production of »Romeo & Juliet«. In Eidinger's version, Shakespeare's classic becomes a play within a play which explores and scrutinises not only the possibilities of dramatic representation but also the constitution of our emotions as well as our social coexistence.
Which mechanisms stir passion and desire? Can one find fulfilment in love in this world or is it nothing more than a promise of transcendence? Does the love that Romeo and Juliet have for one another not owe the intensity of its passion to the very impossibility of their union? To what extent do we fall prey to the romantic glorification of love? And how big is the urge to make this glorification tangible and experiential in the present moment? Is the absence of love in life a declaration of a love of death?


Direction: Lars Eidinger
Dramaturgy: Florian Borchmeyer
Light Design: Erich Schneider
Fight choreography: René Lay

Romeo: Moritz Gottwald
Juliet: Iris Becher
Lady Capulet: Regine Zimmermann
Bruder Laurence/Montague/Apotheker: Kay Bartholomäus Schulze
Amme/Paris/Sampson: Sebastian Schwarz
Mercutio: Tilman Strauß
Benvolio: Bernardo Arias Porras
Tybalt: Franz Hartwig

Duration: ca. 150 minutes

(without interval)

Premiered on 17 April 2013