Shadow (Eurydice Speaks)

by Elfriede Jelinek
Direction: Katie Mitchell

Eurydice is leaving death for life. Orpheus, the celebrated singer, leads her through tunnels, along corridors, up lifts and drives her along endless blank underground roads. During the journey, she remembers how during her lifetime as a writer she was constantly overshadowed by Orpheus in a society that refused to grant her an independent place of her own. The closer she gets to the end of the journey the more she realises how much she prefers her shadowy non-existence in the underworld to the externally controlled existence in the body of a woman.

In »Shadow (Eurydice Speaks)« Elfriede Jelinek continues her exploration of female myths from a feminist perspective. For the first time British director Katie Mitchell, who regularly works at the Schaubühne, is staging a text by the Nobel Prize in Literature-winning Austrian writer. In her production with live video on the stage, Mitchell is collaborating with an ensemble of actors, a cinematographer and sound artists to create images and aural landscape for Eurydice’s involuntary journey out of the realm of shadows and back into patriarchal civilisation.

>>> Essay about the production in Pearson's Preview: Not Theatre, Not Film: Katie Mitchell’s Third Art in the »Shadow«



Direction: Katie Mitchell
Collaboration Direction: Lily McLeish
Director of Photograhpy: Chloë Thomson
Set Design: Alex Eales
Costume Design: Sussie Juhlin-Wallen
Video Design: Ingi Bekk
Collaboration Video Design: Ellie Thompson
Sound Design: Melanie Wilson, Mike Winship
Dramaturgy: Nils Haarmann
Script: Alice Birch

With: Jule Böwe, Renato Schuch, Maik Solbach

Camera: Christin Wilke

Duration: ca. 75 minutes

Premiered on 28 September 2016

Tour Dates

Wuzhen (October 2017)
Paris (January 2018)
Barcelona (July 2018)