06/21/2022, 20.30

Performance cancelled

Not the End of the World

by Chris Bush
Translated from English by Gerhild Steinbuch
Direction: Katie Mitchell
World premiere

The Arctic icecaps are melting, our oceans are getting warmer, forests are burning. Something must be done, that much is clear. But how can we hope for change when we keep repeating the same mistakes? Chris Bush’s new text is about climate change. Through the perspectives of class, patriarchy and colonialism, the text explores the »hyperobject« of climate change, too vast to be comprehended entirely, yet interwoven in every aspect of our lives. It does not have a linear narrative, but fragments of a hundred possible linear narratives. In a collage-like, shattered form, the spectators are invited to search for causes and effects and construct their own narratives. Berlin, 2021: Dr. Anna Vogel is fighting for the job of her life, a post-doc position in the institute of famous climate scientist Prof. Uta Oberdorf. In countless variations of tiny details in the course of the job interview, the text explores how small changes in the course of events in the present can have major effects in the future. In the gaps of the narrative: an 80,000-year-old colony of trees, the mating of polar and grizzly bears threatened with extinction, an immortal species of jellyfish and a trillion barrels of crude oil. There is also pink snow, an adopted orangutan and a people being brought to the edge of total obliteration. There are an unimaginably large number of ways to tell this story, but some ways lead astray, others might lead to the solution.

This is the first time young British playwright Chris Bush has written a play for a Katie Mitchell production.



Associate Director: Lily McLeish
Stage and Costume Design: Chloe Lamford
Sounddesign: Donato Wharton
Assistance Sounddesign: Joe Dines
Dramaturgy: Nils Haarmann
Lighting Design: Anthony Doran

Dr. Anna Vogel: Alina Vimbai Strähler
Prof. Uta Oberdorf / Lilly Draxler: Jule Böwe
Lena: Veronika Bachfischer

Duration: ca. 90 minutes

Premiered on 4 September 2021

Tour Dates

Belgrad (September 2022) 
Romania (July 2023)

Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.