Streitraum: »Emancipation - and if so, how many?«

Carolin Emcke and guests

The concept of freedom is increasingly being undermined and abused – either as a masquerade for the monetisation of the living environment and neoliberal deregulation or as a disguise for right-wing fantasies. How could a more substantive, progressive notion of emancipation be spelt out for the present? How can emancipation be conceptualised in terms of a progression towards greater solidarity in society? Emancipation must always be developed and demanded in a pluralistic way because it is pitted against a number of different conflicts and repres- sions. Emancipation from fossil fuel and its correlating ideologies, but also emancipation from authoritarian, racist, patriarchal structures and practices. How can we imagine a socially more just society? Which emancipatory movements and utopian ideas bring us hope?

Streitraum is a monthly discussion series at the Schaubühne that has been moderated and curated by publicist and author Carolin Emcke since 2004. Scientists, writers, politicians, artists and other public figures are invited to join the discussion. The Streit- raum focuses on a new topic every season.

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