Streitraum with Carolin Emcke and guests
Streitraum with Carolin Emcke and guests 
Carolin EmckePhoto: Andreas Labes
Carolin Emcke, Photo: Andreas Labes 

Streitraum: The Civil Wars

Franziska Brantner, Gudrun Krämer and Milo Rau in discussion with Carolin Emcke

04/19/2015, 12.00

In German

Inspired by Milo Rau’s latest play »The Civil Wars« we ask questions about the concept of Europe in the midst of challenges from radicalisation, erosion of solidarity and violence. To what extent is the European narrative still a bonding force, how valid are the promises of equality and fraternity when numerous young men from every European country travel to Syria to fight for the creation of a caliphate? Do their biographies raise social, political and religious questions? How, in a time of radicalism and growing populism, can a democratic society be made not only fairer but also more attractive? And not just for white middle-class kids but also for everyone else? Milo Rau addresses these questions in an artistic and individual way – and they will be taken up and developed further in the »Streitraum«. 

Carolin  Emcke (*1967, Mülheim an der Ruhr) studied philosophy, politics and history in London, Frankfurt/M. and at the Harvard University. From 1998 to 2006 she was a journalist at the Spiegel and a correspondent in crisis zones around the world. Since 2007 she has been an international reporter for ZEITmagazin. In 2003/04 she was Visiting Lecturer for political theory at Yale University. Latest publications: »Wie wir begehren« (2012), »Weil es sagbar ist« (2013). In 2010 Carolin Emcke received the otto Brenner prize for investigative journalism as well as the Deutscher Reporterpreis in the category »Best Report« and she was elected »Journalist of the Year«. In 2014 she received the Johann-Heinrich-Merck-Prize by the German Academy of Language and Literature for her complete works.

Franziska Brantner (*1979, Lörrach) is a member of the German Bundestag and the congressional faction Bündnis 90/Die Grünen from Heidelberg. She studied at the School of International and Public Affairs at the Columbia University in New York and at the Sciences Po in Paris. In 2010, she received a Doctorate from the University of Mannheim for her research on the reformability of the United Nations. Since December 2013 she is the spokeswoman for children’s and family policy, since March 2014 the chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Management and Integrated Action. In addition she is a substitute member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs as well as a substitute member of the Committee on the Affairs of the European Union. 

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