The Americas – War of the Worlds.

3 in 1: Comedy of mankind. Political drama. War musical.
Realisation: Patrick Wengenroth

The story so far:
> In 1971, Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano publishes »The open Veins of Latin America«. He describes the five centuries of continuous exploitation by European colonial powers and the USA. In 2009 Hugo Chávez gives US President Obama a copy at the Summit of the Americas.
> In 1973, the last American soldier leaves Vietnam and Henry Kissinger receives the Nobel Peace Prize.
> In 1981, Udo Lindenberg sings his song »What are Wars for?« with the ten-year old Pascal Kravetz.
> In 1986, the film »Top Gun« hits the cinemas. The main role is an American jet fighter pilot played by Tom Cruise. The film is financed by the US Department of Defense.
> In 2007, Tom Cruise receives the Bambi, the German TV prize, for his courage.
> In 2009, Barack Obama will be honoured with the Nobel Peace Price. In his acceptance speech, he explicitly refers to war as a method for securing peace.

Duration: ca. 90 minutes

Premiered on 1 June 2010