by Marius von Mayenburg
Direction: Luk Perceval

World Premiere
In German an Dutch with surtitles
Dutch translation: Wim van Gansbeke
Coproduction with Het Toneelhuis Antwerpen and Wiener Festwochen

A hot summer and holidays by the river: two families on a campsite who have no need to hide their mutual dislike because they speak different languages; around the campsite we see the locals, who view these foreigners with suspicion. Night after night, a murderer of cows strikes in the surrounding fields, and the animosity between the families develops into a minor, if cultivated war between neighbouring tents. Later the locals storm the site, and one day the mentally subnormal, youngest son of the large family disappears. When he is washed up dead on the banks of the river some days later, everyone is suspected: his brothers, the camp neighbours, the locals – and in the midst of this atmosphere, a youthful holiday romance develops.

For further information:

Direction: Luk Perceval
Stage design: Anette Kurz
Costume design: Ilse Vandenbussche
Music: Laurent Simonetti
Projections and programming: Philip Bußmann
Dramaturgy: Maja Zade
Video: Philip Bußmann
Light design: Mark Van Denesse

Tom: Erik Van Herreweghe
Sylvie: Isabella Van Hecke
Bert: Ruud Gielens
Dani: Jan Bijovet
Flo: Jan Van Hecke
Nadine: Femke Heijens
Oli: Benny Claessens
Hermann: Matthias Matschke
Elvira: Ursina Lardi
Sonja: Yvon Jansen
Dietmar: Thomas Bading
Monika: Steffi Kühnert
Ralf: David Ruland
Karin: Christina Geiße
Julia: Abke Haring
Josef: Maarten Westra-Hoeksma
Gil: Hans Van Dam
Bol: Jos Van Gorp
Vlad: Steve Arnouts
Frau Dr. Schnoock: Judith Engel
Achim: Robert Beyer
Peter: Bruno Cathomas
Andi: André Szymanski
Ferdinand: Mark Waschke

Premiered on 26 May 2005