01/17/2019, 20.00 – 21.30


A project by Philipp Preuss
Direction and Set Design: Philipp Preuss

Already in classical antiquity, well-heeled Greeks and Romans travelled in the warmer months of the year to their summer residences to recover from the stresses of city life. In those days, travel was a slow and often complicated ordeal, accompanied by many perils. But people did not just travel for enjoyment: they also journeyed to pursue trade, to discover and to conquer. In medieval times, pedlars went from town to town, monks visited remote spots to preach, minstrels earned a living performing in different localities. During the Renaissance, it became fashionable for young European noblemen to complete a grand tour of cultural hotspots such as London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. By the beginning of the nineteenth century and with the advent of the railways, getting around became cheaper and easier: broad sections of society discovered travel for relaxation and tourism developed. Nowadays travellers can journey even beyond our planet …

There have always been diverse reasons to travel: for relaxation, to escape the monotony of everyday life, to explore foreign and exotic climes, to test oneself and feel alive, to discover a new side of one’s personality or rediscover oneself, to secure financialgain or escape to a better life, to save oneself from danger, oppression or even death. And ever since the beginnings of literature, travel has been a recurring motif, through both space and time as well as in a metaphorical sense, as a journey from the cradle to the grave.

In »Voyage«, director Philipp Preuss and actor Felix Römer utilise a mashup of numerous individual texts – from the Odyssey to current scientific documents – to set off on a border-crossing journey through literature and life.



Direction and Set Design: Philipp Preuss
Costume Design/Projections: Isabel Robson
Music: Kornelius Heidebrecht
Dramaturgy: Maja Zade

With: Felix Römer

Duration: ca. 90 minutes

Premiered on 3 October 2018