a way

by »Die Zwiefachen«
Direction: Uta Plate

World Premiere

On the move, in search, often falling, seven young travellers advance on their everyday odyssey. Like the great seafarer, they traverse battlefields, are imprisoned by their cyclops-teacher and are seduced calypso-style by a drug addict friend. They experience adversity and discover new paths. On the open planes of possibility they encounter other wanderers and enter into an exchange of stories, dances, scents, games and music, always in the faint awareness that travelling itself is home.

DIE ZWIEFACHEN is the youth theatre group of the Schaubühne (Berlin). Young performers from 17 to 24 devise one show per year through improvisation, movement and writing workshops.

Direction: Uta Plate
Stage design and Costume design: Sophie du Vinage
Dramaturgy: Irina Szodruch

Premiered on 5 July 2008