04/24/2023, 21.30 – 22.45

In English

Wooster Group Films

Part 2 (with short introduction)
in the presence of Kate Valk
Director: Elizabeth LeCompte
Stage A

We are dedicating an entire evening to the experimental film work of The Wooster Group who, over the past few decades, has developed its own multifaceted film vocabulary full of allusions, irony and surrealism. A regular actor in their film work is Willem Dafoe who can be seen in various and surprising roles during this FIND film evening. A total of four films will be screened in two parts. The evening opens with »Flaubert Dreams of Travel but the Illness of His Mother Prevents It«, a short film which condenses perceptions and figments of the imagination in a cramped hotel room that seems impossible to leave, followed by the experimental thriller »Wrong Guys«. After an interval, we will show the short film »Rhyme ’Em to Death«, inspired by an episode in Victor Hugo’s »The Hunchback of Notre Dame«: set in late-medieval times, the film depicts a goat being tried for witchcraft. This work about pre-Enlightenment madness is followed by the structuralist TV crime satire »White Homeland Commando« in which an antiterrorist police squad pursues anti-Semitic white racists who want to enforce a homogenous society through violence: a comically grotesque yet utterly frightening panorama of violent conspirators that has sinister echoes in our present.

The Wooster Group member Kate Valk will introduce the company’s cinematic oeuvre. The films are being screened in their original English-language versions without subtitles

»White Homeland Commando« contains racist and antisemitic language.


»White Homeland Commando« contains racist and antisemitic language.