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by Simon Stone
after Federico García Lorca
A Production by Young Vic Theatre London
Direction: Simon Stone
Stage A

German Wold Premiere
German Translation by Brangwen Stone

Yerma and her husband, John, spend their first night in their new house together. Over champagne, Yerma reveals that she wants to have a baby. John is taken by surprise but he, too, can envisage being a paterfamilias. With this innocuous, ordinary scene in the life of a young couple, a nightmare begins. During the next five years, Yerma will try to become pregnant, invariably without success. She demands that John organises his business trips in such a way that he’s at home during her fertile days and writes intimate accounts about her problems with conceiving on her lifestyle blog. Yerma’s desire for a child also strains her relationship with her sister, who has no trouble becoming pregnant but who is suffering from postnatal depression; and with her mother, who actually never wanted children herself and who cannot even begin to comprehend Yerma’s problem. With each passing year, Yerma becomes more obsessed with the idea of having a child until it completely dominates her thoughts — an obsession that turns her once happy life into a tragedy.

Simon Stone has transposed Lorca’s play from rural Spain to a contemporary Western metropolis. While Lorca’s Yerma was a farmer’s wife in a society where a woman’s chief task was to produce offspring, Stone’s Yerma is a successful journalist who has never defined herself by her body’s biological function. After presenting »Ibsen Huis« at FIND 2018, Simon Stone is now working with the Schaubühne ensemble for the first time. »Yerma« is a new staging of his acclaimed Young Vic London production.


Direction: Simon Stone
Stage Design: Lizzie Clachan
Costume Design: Alice Babidge
Music and Sound Design: Stefan Gregory
Lighting Design: James Farncombe
Dramaturgy: Nils Haarmann

Yerma: Caroline Peters
John: Christoph Gawenda
Mary: Jenny König
Victor: Konrad Singer
Helen: Ilse Ritter
Des: Carolin Haupt

Premiere on 12 December 2020