Corona Guidelines

General Measures Overview:

(Status June 1, 2022)

  • Based on the decision of the Berlin Senate of March 29, the repeal of almost all corona protection measures took place on April 1, 2022, i.e. the previously existing 3G regulation for your visit to the theater will no longer apply. You only need your ticket for admission to the performance.
  • From 1 June, masks are no longer mandatory for the audience. However, for your own safety and the protection of others, we recommend that you wear a FFP2 mask or medical mask throughout your visit to the theatre, including during the performance. 
  • When gathering in front of the building as well as on the way to your seat, in the foyer and the sanitary facilities, please ensure that the minimum distance is observed. Our wayfinding system at the side of our building ensures enough space and distance when entering and leaving. A one-way system in the space next to our building has been introduced to provide everyone with enough room and distance from each other when entering or exiting the venue.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are provided throughout the building.
  • Surfaces are being regularly cleaned and disinfected.


Our air conditioning and ventilation system was completely modernized in 2020. Ventilation is provided exclusively with fresh air drawn from outside which flows into the auditoriums from under the rows of seats, and the stale air is sucked up and away from above. The entire volume of air in the auditoriums is completely replaced with fresh air in a quater of an hour, thus significantly exceeding the currently recommended air replacement speed of 50m³/h.

Mouth and Nose Covering

From 1 June, masks are no longer mandatory for the audience. We recommend to wear a FFP2 mask or medial mask during the whole stay in our house as well as at the place during the performance. If you forget your mask, you can buy from the evening staff for a small fee. We kindly ask you to wear your mask before entering the theater or in queues. 

Buying Tickets

Tickets can be purchased primarily online via our webshop, by phone at 030-890023 or at our ticket office.


Please arrange to arrive at the theatre in plenty of time before the start of the performance to prevent queues. Admission is no longer via the café but through the foyer doors at the side of the building. Please pay attention to the new direction signs. Our admission staff will be happy to help you with any questions.

Consideration for Others

Your health and our own are important to us. If you feel ill or have symptoms of a cold, please stay at home. We also have to ask people who have had contact with COVID-19 patients during the last 10 days before the performance to refrain from attending a performance. You are welcome to contact our box office to rebook your ticket in another person’s name if you wish to do so.

Please note that the measures mentioned above may change at short notice. We will keep you updated on a daily basis via our website, social media and our newsletter.

We’re looking forward to your visit and wish you enjoyable and stimulating evenings in our theatre!