Der Vorstand der Freunde der Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz e.V. (n.l.n.r.): Vincent Steinl, Meral Burul, Marco Riedel, Elisabeth Jessen, Dr. Jan Bonhage, Nina Barge, Katharina Waitz, Tobias Veit, Stefan Hain
Der Vorstand der Freunde der Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz e.V. (n.l.n.r.): Vincent Steinl, Meral Burul, Marco Riedel, Elisabeth Jessen, Dr. Jan Bonhage, Nina Barge, Katharina Waitz, Tobias Veit, Stefan Hain 


Since its foundation over 60 years ago the Schaubühne has always reinvented itself and presents contemporary theatre at its best. Notable directors and actors have contributed to its international renown. With Thomas Ostermeier, the artistic director since 1999, the Schaubühne was able to become an international place for modern straight theatre.

The association Freunde der Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz e.V. was founded in 2000 by 20 theatre enthusiasts who wanted to support the new tasks and projects – both ideally and financially. The small club has become a bigger association with ca. 1.700 members (May 2022).

By being a member the friends show their solidarity with the theatre and are able to support projects that can’t be funded by public subsidies alone. In the past the members supported the FIND festival and have co-financed the trainee in drama education for several seasons.

The association also funds the production of video trailers. Since season 2014/15 members have donated for the new Globe theatre in hall C and are currently donating for the new image campaign.

We are very proud of our solidarity campaign which we arranged for the free artists working for our theatre in 2021. During the corona pandamic they suffered more from economic hardship and seem to have not participated enough from governantal support programmes. Together with the ensemble and the theatre we set up a crowdfunding camgaign as well as an auction. The overall outcome was some 105.000 Euro.

Friends meet artists. With more than 120 events the members have learnt more about the Schaubühne and its producers. We meet actors and actresses for artist talks and we are informed by directors and dramatic advisors about a new staging. As a member of the association you are invited to guided tours behind the scenes and meet technicians, costume designers, make-up artists etc.

Friends party as well. At the beginning of each season friends meet for a Sunday brunch at the café. The managing directors as well as the artistic director share exclusive insight into their new productions with the members. At the beginning of each year the director invites us to a special evening.

Friends abroad! There is no other German speaking theatre that is so often invited home and abroad than the Schaubühne. Once a year the association offers to travel with the theatre ensemble to a guest performance in a foreign country. A sophisticated cultural programme is part of the journey. 

Upcoming events

Studio visit with Sarah Illenberger | 11.10.2023
We are cordially invited to a studio visit with Sarah Illenberger, the artist of the current season campaign. This year's campaign was again realized with the support of the Freundeskreis. Sarah Illenberger will tell us about the process of creating the campaign and about her current work. We are excited!

Past events you will find at our event archive.

Theater is old and dusty? We will prove you wrong! Become a member of the Young Friends and get to know like-minded people, theatre aficionados like you and me. We offer member-only rehearsals, trips to other cultural institutions and on top you get access to tickets prior to the official sales start. Interested? We got you covered with a special offer for audience age 27 or under (and still in training): You pay only 40 € per year! 

Your advantages at a glance

  • Purchase/Reservation of tickets prior to the official sales launch
  • Monthly events for the Freunde der Schaubühne e.V.
  • Events especially made for Young Friends only!
  • Mailing of the latest programme and newsletter via email


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