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Platz frei!
A theatre education campaign

Theater can provide impulses; it opens worlds. Often, however, these worlds remain closed to those who do not have the financial resources and/or the social background to access theater as a young person. That's why we created the »Platz frei!« campaign: Some can donate tickets, others finally get the chance to enjoy theater.

1. You want to donate:
You buy theater tickets or something else from our webshop. All items are then in your shopping cart. If you would like to donate a ticket for our »Platz frei!« campaign, you will find the purchase option under the category »Miscellaneous« at the bottom. After payment, the booked ticket will automatically fall into the pot for our »Platz-frei!« campaign. Depending on the demand, this will then be distributed for the »Platz-frei!« performances. 

2. You want to use a »Platz-frei!« ticket?
Ever thought about theater? You think it's too expensive? Only something for older, wealthy people? Make the theater a place for you and your friends and come to »Platz frei!« at the Schaubühne!

With our monthly »Platz frei!« campaign, teenagers and young adults up to the age of 25 have the opportunity to attend performances at the Schaubühne free of charge. On the evening of the performance, you can also participate in a hands-on play introduction with the theater pedagogy. Here you will meet like-minded people and get background information about the production of the evening.

Simply register at theaterpaedagogik@schaubuehne.de and secure your next free ticket as part of »Platz frei!«. Please write us your full name, your date of birth and your phone number.

We look forward to seeing you!