Past Events Young Friends

Guided Tour: Behind the Scenes of the Schaubühne | 13.9.2022

The Young Friends were guided through the Schaubühne by box office manager Carsten Höth and were allowed a look behind the scenes. They went from the costume department to the hydraulic podiums of the Schaubühne to the roof and the stage set of »Hamlet«. There was a wide variety of facts and anecdotes from 60 years of Schaubühne history to hear and they were able to ask all kinds of questions. A wonderful start to the new season!

Midsummer Picnic | 21.6.2022

Every year again: The midsummer picnic in the Tiergarten with lots of self-brought food and drinks could take place. There was laughter, discussion and exchanges about theatre and the world. Dramaturg Nils Haarmann was also there and was able to tell us more about the new season 2022/23 and give us background information on the upcoming premieres. Another lovely picnic with great weather and many inspiring conversations!

Post FIND Talk | 20.10.2021

A well loved tradition: a »Post-FIND-Talk« for all young member who love to talk and had watched at least three pays (or more). This chraming event was organised by Friedrich Barner again – and as usual we stayed very long and discussed the productions we’ve seen. Definite favourites were the two plays by Robert Lepage as well as the Schaubühne production »Erinnerung eines Mädchens (A Girl's Story)«.

Midsummer Picnic | 24.6.2020

On 9th April »Erinnerung eines Mädchens« premiered in the studio of our theatre. Within the »CouchKultur« event frame of young cultural associations in Berlin we presented a long interview with director Sarah Kohm and actor Veronika Bachfischer who gave exclusive insight into their process of working. The talk led by Lilli Anlauf was a digital event. – Until the end of May there is an event each week, many as digital, some as physical events. More info about the network here.

Guided Tour: Behind the Scenes of the Schaubühne | 18.02.2020

Did you ever wonder where the Schaubühne actors change their clothes? Where all the costumes are stored? If it is still possible to turn all three rooms into one big? Twenty young friends can join us for a guided tour through the Schaubühne! Together with Carsten Höth, head of the box office, we will explore the building from bottom to top and get to know some major dramatic and minor embarrassing anecdotes in Schaubühne history. We are looking forward to this trip through on of the most prestigious edifices built by Berlin architect Erich Mendelsohn!

Meet & Greet with Laurenz Laufenberg | 22.2.2020

A small group of our Young Friends will have the opportunity to meet Schaubühne ensemble member and »emerging actor of the year« (Theater heute) Laurenz Laufenberg personally and pose all questions they have always wanted to ask.  Laurenz has been with the Schaubühne since 2014/15 and played in Patrick Wengenroths »thisisitgirl« among others. Currently, he performs in »History of Violence«, »Professor Bernhardi«, »abgrund« and »Youth without God«.

Guided tour at C/O Berlin | 13.11.2019

Curator Kathrin Schönegg will guide us through the two current exhibitions »NO Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989 - Today« and »Robert Frank.Unseen«, focusing on the latter one. We have the possibility to speak to the curator of the exhibit directly – a treat that a normal guided tour does not offer. After the tour feel free to stay at the C/O Berlin or, if you like, join us for a drink and more at the Schwarzes Café nearby.

Curator’s Guided Tour SMU | 24.10.2019 

On 24 October 2019 curator Birgit Bosold gave us comprehensive insight into the current exhibition »Love at First Fight! Queere Bewegungen in Deutschland seit Stonewall« at Schwules Museum BerlinHer tour included an overview of the history of queer movements in Germany, spanning more than 5 decades, as well as current discussions and taboos within the diverse community. Moreover, Birgitt Bosold showed us the museum’s archive which is rarely open to the public. The archive contains collections and legacies of renown activists: a plethora of documents, photographs and recordings which help understand the development of the queer movement in Germany starting from the turn of the 19th to the 20th century until nowadays.     

Midsummer Picnic | 21.6.2019

Same procedure as every year… for the third time already we met for our annual Midsummer Picnic. As the weather forecast was really bad, we decided to meet indoors again. Nice food and drinks and again an introduction into the new season by dramaturg Nils Haarmann made us forget the rainy day.

Guided tour through the exhibition »And Berlin Will Always Need You« at Gropius Bau | 15.5.2019

The cold and rainy weather could not have been more adequate for an exhibition visit: 15 young friends gathered inside the cozy warmth of the recently re-opened Gropius Bau in Berlin-Mitte to attend a guided tour through their latest exhibit »And Berlin Will Always Need You«. After a brief general introduction by our guide he pointed out specific objects and installations of contemporary artists living or working in Berlin. The focus lies on handcraft and we were able to discover a wide array of materials and tissues on display: From clay to hay you could find all sorts of compositions. Afterwards, some of us strolled through the rooms on our own, some came together in the newly opened café (with indoor farming!).   

Autistic Disco | 30.4.2019

As every year DJ Lars Eidinger invited everyone to the »May Dance« edition of the Autistic disco – and clubbers queued up in masses. Whilst the queue for the normal entrance nearly circled the building and people had to wait more than two hours, 50 of our young friends plus company had the chance for a spot on our guest list (which means less waiting and free entry/reduced entry for their friends!).

Guided tour by the curators through the Berlinische Galerie | 28.2.2019

Young friends of the Schaubühne meets Young and Artsy! Together with the young friends of the Berlinische Galerie we visited two special exhibitions: the installation »Raphaela Vogel. Son of a Witch. Video Art at Midnight Festival '18« and »Julian Charrière. As We Used To Float. GASAG art prize 2018«. After that we held a small get-together at a restaurant and chatted about art and theater.

Rehearsal attendance »Champignol in spite of Himself«  | 18.10.18

On October 24, 2018 Herbert Fritsch’s new staging of »Champignol in Spite of Himself« by Georges Feydeau premiered at the Schaubühne. Prior to its first night we were invited to attend a rehearsal in presence of the complete ensemble and director Herbert Fritsch. We could see how rehearsals work as well as how the play could look like in the end. A nice appetizer for the final version on stage! 

Cinema: »Mackie Messer – Brechts 3Groschenfilm« | 26.9.2018

In September the film »Mackie Messer – Brechts 3Groschenfilm« starring Lars Eidinger as Bertolt Brecht opened in German cinemas. The film evokes Brecht’s and Weill’s Threepenny Opera and at the same time tells the story of Brecht’s failed dream to turn the play into a movie. Armed with popcorn and cola we delved into the three-hour- picture. 

Midsummer Picnic | 21.6.2018

Our second midsummer picnic saw a slight and unexpected change of procedure. Although summer 2018 was one of the hottest ever, that day it rained heavily. Therefore, we moved our blankets, food and drinks to Friedrich Barner, one of the directors of the Schaubühne. Special guest Nils Haarmann gave an outlook on the upcoming season.

Exhibition Visit: Irving Penn at C/O Berlin | 30.5.2018

Penn is one of the most prestigious photographers of the 21st century. He portrayed famous personalities in film, music and art. Ms Bertrand, the curator of the exhibition, was our guide through this unique showcase of Penn’s artistic mastery and we could ask her any questions that popped up in our minds.

Cinema: »Mathilde« | 12.11.2017

A small crowd of young friends gathered to watch the Russian movie »Mathilde« starring Lars Eidinger in the role of Tsar Nikolaus II! All in original language! Afterwards there was a lot to discussion and some of us needed and extra shot of Vodka to digest this film.

SUPPORT Your Local Culture | 14.7.2017

For the first time ever the event »SUPPORT Your Local Culture« brought together young friends of several Berlin-based cultural institutions. The newly founded community network »Junge Kulturvereine Berlin« was presented publicly for the first time.  Members of this network are, amongst others, the young friends of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Schaubühne, the Deutsches Theater, the Gemäldegalerie and the Bode museum, the National Gallery.

Midsummer Picnic | 21.6.2017

Right behind the hidden Bismarck memorial at Tiergarten we met for a picnic. Although close to the Großer Stern this place was quite calm and we had plenty of space and time to celebrate the past season. Director Friedrich Barner had come up with this idea and took care of most of the food and drinks. Dramaturg Nils Haarmann provided insights into premieres of the new season 2017/18.

The Young Friend’s Trip to Milan | 24.–27.5.2017

In May 2017 we went to Milan to embark on a wild journey through the city’s vast cultural programme. The highlight was seeing our ensemble performing on the stage of the  Piccolo Teatro Strehler! The Italian audience had the chance to see »Richard III.« directed by Thomas Ostermeier and all three performances were sold out.

Director’s Workshop with Thomas Ostermeier | 20.5.2017

Members had the chance to direct three scenes under the guidance of Thomas Ostermeier and with the actors Veronika Bachfischer, Iris Becher and Konrad Singer – and a throne. The scenes were taken from William Shakespeare’s »Twelfth Night«. Kudos to all participants for this exclusive and fun afternoon!

Deutsches Theater | 26.2.2017

A group of young friends met for yet another visit to a Berlin theatre. This time we saw the »10 Gebote« at the Deutsches Theater. The play is a contemporary research of 15 authors, 9 actors and a sheep (!). Even though the play lasted 4 hours we stayed for the following audience talk which opened another perspective on the play’s topics.

Exhibition Visit | 27. Mai 2016

The exclusive guided tour through »Mythos Germania – Vision und Verbrechen« by the Berliner Unterwelten e.V. sheds light on the architecture and urban development of Berlin during the Third Reich. It analyzes the underlying ideological concepts and terrible consequences. With its latest project the association tries to establish a continuous spot for information about the urban planning strategies of the Nazi era. Curator Gernot Schaulinski was our guide and even presented documents that concern the current location of the Schaubühne.

Deutsches Theater | 16. Mai 2016

»Berlin Alexanderplatz« was the play of this theatre visit to the Deutsches Theater. An introductory talk by a one of our young friends prior to the 4-hour production provided information about the play and the director. In the end, we agreed that the performance was intriguing and worth a trip to Berlin-Mitte. 

Trip to Dresden | 18.–20.12.2015

In the wake of Christmas we went to Dresden not (only) to stroll around the famous Christmas market but to see the version of »Hamlet« staged by the Staatsschauspiel Dresden. We were welcomed by the Young Friends of the Dresden theater who managed to save us a meet and greet with the theatre’s chief dramaturg. After the play we had the chance to speak to leading actor Christian Friedel. The following two days we finally ended up discovering Dresden – and its Christmas marvel, of course.