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Season 2021/22

Not the End of the World

by Chris Bush
Translated from English by Gerhild Steinbuch
Direction: Katie Mitchell
World premiere

Premiered on 4 September 2021

Beyond Caring

by Alexander Zeldin
Directior: Alexander Zeldin
Translated into German by Gerhild Steinbuch
German Premiere
Stage B

Premiered on 27 April 2022

Der Krieg mit den Molchen (War with the Newts)

after Karel Čapek
In an adaptation by Soeren Voima
Director: Clara Weyde

Premiered on 4 June 2022

A Girls Story

based on the novel by Annie Ernaux
translated from the French by Sonja Finck
Stage adaptation by Veronika Bachfischer, Sarah Kohm, Elisa Leroy

Premiered on 9 April 2022


by Christian Kracht
Direction: Jan Bosse
In a version by Jan Bosse and Bettina Ehrlich
World Premiere
Stage B

Premiered on 18 November 2021

Michael Kohlhaas

by Heinrich von Kleist
In a version by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden, Maja Zade and the ensemble
Director: Simon McBurney and Annabel Arden
Stage B

Premiered on 1 July 2021


by Maja Zade
Director: Thomas Ostermeier
World Premiere
Stage A

Premiered on September 19, 2021

Qui a tué mon père

(Who killed my father)
by Édouard Louis
Director: Thomas Ostermeier

Premiered on 7 October 2021 in Berlin, Premiered in Paris on 9 September 2020

reden über sex

by Maja Zade
Director: Marius von Mayenburg
World Premiere

Premiered on Dezember 7, 2021

Returning to Reims

based on the novel »Retour à Reims« by Didier Eribon
Resumption (new version of »Returning to Reims«)
Director: Thomas Ostermeier

Premieres with new cast on 13 June 2021


A theater pedagogical project
Direction: Matthias Heine, Mai-An Nguyen

Premiere am 17. Juni 2022


by Simon Stone
after Federico García Lorca
Director: Simon Stone
Stage A

Premiered on 27 July 2021