The second half of the 2018/19 season

The season programme with all information on our premieres until June 2019 as well as this season's edition of the Festival of International New Drama is now available at the theatre. You can also download the pdf or read the digital version on issuu

Image campaign by Christian Jankowski

The campaign for the 2018/19 season is built around an idea by conceptual artist Christian Jankowski. His work is launching a series in which, throughout the coming seasons, visual artists will engage with the Schaubühne. Entitled »We are innocent when we sleep« and inspired by the countless pictures of »sleeping pranks« on the internet, Jankowski has had actors from the ensemble paint and »stage« their colleagues while they were asleep. 

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Die nächste Premiere

Ja heißt ja und …

Eine Lecture Performance von und mit Carolin Emcke

Premiere am 16. Dezember 2018

Blog: Pearson's Preview

Mit Pearson's Preview präsentieren wir Essays zu ausgewählten Premieren und Gastspielen, geschrieben von Blogger, Autor und Historiker Joseph Pearson.

Aktueller Artikel

Ankommen bei »Q« 
Queering the stage in HE? SHE? ME. FREE!

Next performances with surtitles

With English surtitles

Beware of Pity

On 17 December 2018

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With French surtitles

Professor Bernhardi

On 21 December 2018

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You'll find here all performances with surtitles.

On Tour

»Ungeduld des Herzens« in Sydney

Sydney Festival
Vom 23. bis 27. Januar 2019

»LENIN« in Amsterdam

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
Vom 25. bis 27. Januar 2019

Eine Liste aller aktuellen und vergangenen Gastspiele finden Sie hier.

* aus »HE? SHE? ME! FREE.«