»Classroom – where are you really from?«

In the new monthly series of talks »Classroom - Where do you really come from?« journalist and author Vanessa Vu invites childhood companions and experts to the Schaubühne on four dates to reflect personally and subjectively on the impact of social origin.
In the fourth edition on December 2, Vanessa Vu will speak with Mareice Kaiser.
Journalist and author Mareice Kaiser is tired of being asked all the time what she actually studied - because she never did. There were hardly any books at home, and vacations were as unaffordable as studying. With her biography, Kaiser is considered an exception in her new milieu, but she herself is also a stranger to many codes. Can one ever really arrive in the middle class? Who or what is this middle class anyway? And what would have to change for up-and-coming women not to remain the exception?
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Free Space!

Let our theater family grow!
Theater can provide important impulses and food for thought as well as open up other perspectives. Theater opens worlds, it fulfills an important educational mandate. Often these worlds remain closed to those who have neither the financial means nor the social background to gain access to theater as a young person. That is why we brought the campaign »free space« to life. Guests of ours willing to donate have the opportunity to purchase an additional ticket for selected perfomances, which they do not use themselves but make available to a young person. For this campaign, we work closely with various associations, institutions and partner schools, such as Gangway e.V. or the Lina Morgenstern School in Berlin-Kreuzberg, who are in contact with interested parties. All ticket dispensers and users are offered a practical introduction to the play with the theater pedagogue on the evening of the perfomance. 
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Streitraum 2021/22

This season, Carolin Emcke explores the topic of »Pluralization of the Present - Pluralization of Memory?« in her monthly discussion format »Streitraum.«
On December 12, Carolin Emcke will speak with Bénédicte Savoy on the topic of »Museums and the Legacy of History« The long-delayed or suppressed debate about the restitution of looted cultural assets has been virulent not only since the controversy surrounding the Humboldt Forum. How can it be explained that museums have not addressed their colonial heritage for so long? How can a new relational ethic be shaped in which the return of illegitimately appropriated goods can take place?
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Season campaign 2021/22 by Katharina Sieverding

The series of visual artists who designed the season campaigns for the Schaubühne will be continued. After the visual artists Christian Jankowski, John Bock and Olaf Nicolai, the current season campaign of the Schaubühne was designed by the multiple documenta participant Katharina Sieverding. You can find the pictures of the campaign in the season booklet of the Schaubühne (to be seen here as PDF), in the house and as large billboards in the urban area of ​​Berlin.

Hygiene and protection measures

We’re embarking on this new season paying due care and attention to your health and to that of our ensemble and employees. In addition to the usual, and by now familiar, hygiene and social distancing rules, we've developed a series of specific protective measures for our venue to ensure that you have a pleasant visit to the theatre and that we can keep the risk of infection low. Information on our hygiene and protection measures can be found here.

Next premiere

reden über sex

by Maja Zade
Direction: Marius von Mayenburg

Premieres on December 7, 2021

Blog: Pearson's Preview

With Pearson’s Preview, we're presenting essays for selected Schaubühne premieres and guest productions, written in both English and German by blogger, author and historian Joseph Pearson.

Current preview:
»Oedipus, but not a Rewriting«



You can listen to recordings of our debate series  »Streitraum« and »Streit ums Politische« in our Podcast. You'll also find our podcast format »Alles außer Hochdeutsch. Dialect and Dialectic« .If you don’t want to miss an episode, simply subscribe to the podcast here:

Next performances with surtitles

With English surtitles

History of Violence

On 11 December 2021

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Surtitré en français

Richard III.

On 16 December 2021

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On Tour 2021/22

»Richard III«

Sceaux, Les Gémeaux
from 20 to 30 January 2022


The Schaubühne Berlin is one of the founding theaters of the European theater network PROSPERO. The ten partners involved in the multi-annual project of cultural cooperation want to undertake an artistic and cultural act, and to promote an ambitious theatre project which is also a political gesture, thus contributing to the construction of an artistic and cultural Europe.

*from: »ödipus«