Festival International New Drama

From September 29 to October 10, we will be presenting new productions by internationally renowned theater makers and new discoveries from five countries and two continents for the first time in Berlin at the 20th Festival International New Drama (FIND). Of course, our programme also includes new productions as well as panel discussions which complete the current festival edition. Beginning with this edition of FIND, we are dedicating a focus to a significant figure in international theater. In 2021, our inaugural focus is on Angélica Liddell. Taking the associative theme of »Counterimage and Counterpower«, the festival focuses on productions whose content and aesthetics seek to break prevailing power structures and question and subvert them from the margins.You can find the complete programme here.
The newspaper for the festival with all further information is available in the house and can be downloaded here as a pdf or browsed on issuu. .

Full seating capacity

We have some good news for you! Furthermore all available seats in our auditoriums may go on sale for performances. Single seat reservations in the checkerboard pattern are not required. The basis for this is the amended Infection Protection Measures Ordinance of the Berlin Senate, which permits full seat occupancy in the auditorium while retaining the familiar requirements (including a negative test, vaccination certificate or proof of convalescence).
We are delighted to welcome so many of you in our theatre again.

Season campaign 2021/22 by Katharina Sieverding

The series of visual artists who designed the season campaigns for the Schaubühne will be continued. After the visual artists Christian Jankowski, John Bock and Olaf Nicolai, the current season campaign of the Schaubühne was designed by the multiple documenta participant Katharina Sieverding. You can find the pictures of the campaign in the season booklet of the Schaubühne (to be seen here as PDF), in the house and as large billboards in the urban area of ​​Berlin.

Season 2021/22

The programme is online! Starting in September, you can expect a new season with five premieres in the first half of the season. Katie Mitchell, Jan Bosse, Marius von Mayenburg and Thomas Ostermeier will stage texts by authors Chris Bush, Christian Kracht and Maja Zade. Starting in September, »Klassenzimmer« will also launch a new series of conversations with Vanessa Vu, journalist, author and podcaster. You can download the pdf  or read the digital version on issuu.
The current season campaign is designed by artist and multiple Dokumenta participant Katharina Sieverding, for which she selected detailed photographs from her works of the last forty years.

Streitraum 2021/22

This season, Carolin Emcke explores the topic of »Pluralization of the Present - Pluralization of Memory?« in her monthly discussion format »Streitraum.«
Recently, it has not only been the NSU controversy and the Black Lives Matter movement that have made it painfully clear how unimpededly and without reflection racism, anti-Semitism and neo-nationalist movements are still allowed to pursue their violence and contempt for humanity. A critical reflection of contemporary rightwing networks must always permit the question of which historical continuities are evident within them, and which are not. A secular, open and plural democracy needs to do more than merely assert itself as secular, open and pluralistic – while leaving its own blind spots, its own religious, cultural and social normalisations untouched. How can democratic discourse and participation in democracy be made truly pluralistic? Which (hi-) stories must be told and how can conflicts about interpretations and experiences be shaped in a constructive way?
The events are broadcast live from the hall of the Schaubühne.

Hygiene and protection measures

We’re embarking on this new season paying due care and attention to your health and to that of our ensemble and employees. In addition to the usual, and by now familiar, hygiene and social distancing rules, we've developed a series of specific protective measures for our venue to ensure that you have a pleasant visit to the theatre and that we can keep the risk of infection low. Information on our hygiene and protection measures can be found here.

Next premiere

Qui a tué mon père
(Who killed my father)

by Édouard Louis
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Premieres on 7 October 2021

Blog: Pearson's Preview

With Pearson’s Preview, we're presenting essays for selected Schaubühne premieres and guest productions, written in both English and German by blogger, author and historian Joseph Pearson.

Current preview:
»Oedipus, but not a Rewriting«



You can listen to recordings of our debate series  »Streitraum« and »Streit ums Politische« in our Podcast. You'll also find our podcast format »Alles außer Hochdeutsch. Dialect and Dialectic« .If you don’t want to miss an episode, simply subscribe to the podcast here:

Next performances with surtitles

With English surtitles

Kein Weltuntergang

On 27 September 2021

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You'll find here all performances with surtitles.

On Tour

»History of Violence«

Athens Epidaurus Festival
On 5 and 6 October


The Schaubühne Berlin is one of the founding theaters of the European theater network PROSPERO. The ten partners involved in the multi-annual project of cultural cooperation want to undertake an artistic and cultural act, and to promote an ambitious theatre project which is also a political gesture, thus contributing to the construction of an artistic and cultural Europe.