Price group A-Preise B-Preise C-Preise
I 48,00 € 41,00 € 33,00 €
II 40,00 € 34,00 € 25,00 €
III 31,00 € 27,00 € 18,00 €
IV 22,00 € 20,00 € 11,00 €
V 11,00 € 11,00 €   7,00 €
VI   7,00 €   7,00 €  
Studio Einheitspreis 15,00 €  


Streitraum and Political Debate (Streit ums Politische)
2,50 € (school children and students free)

Drama teaching workshop 
2,50 €


Concession tickets for 9 Euro
are available for school children, students, apprentices, and people in receipt of unemployment benefit I, people doing military and civil service. Depending on availability, concessions will be sold upon presentation of a valid proof of identity, including those bought in advance.

25% off for up to 2 tickets per show (except premieres).

Theatre Day
Once a month you can get a 50% discount on all seats in the house with the exception of those in price category VI. You will find the designated Theatre Day listed in the current programme.

Group concessions
Please contact our box office.
There are no concessions for premieres and guest productions.

Concessions for school groups
11-20 tickets: 8,50 €, 21 tickets and more: 8,00 €
There are no concessions for premieres and guest productions.

People with disabilities
People with severe disabilities and one accompanying person are entitled to a half price ticket.
We ask wheelchair users to let us know of their visit up to two days before the performance.

can puchase tickets for 3 euro for every perfomance (except premieres and guest performances).

From Sunday to Thursday, holders of the berlinpass can purchase remaining tickets for 3 Euro at the evening box office.

Tanzcard holders are eligible to a 20% discount at the box office for performances of »Death in Venice/Kindertotenlieder«, »FEAR«, NEVER FOREVER« and »TRUST«.